Phone cases (history of)  There are thousands of options in phone cases.  The phone case showed up basically around the time the iphone showed up,  (7 years January 2014) out of the need to protect the glass on both sides. The blackberry has always had a case but more so a holster. The idea of a phone case and a wallet is out there but not really because the idea of phone cases just snuck up on us.  Its a market that has catered to the young more tech savvy population… bright colors and fun pictures.  The best someone could do if that wanted to JUST protect their phone was a hard shell case in black or white.  If you wanted to take it any further you could search the apple store or the mall kiosks.


Wallets – they have been around forever.  Bi-fold, tri-fold – when we were in college we wore the check book size hangin out of our back pocket.  All forms of leather wallets have been around forever, and still are.  Trouble is… we don’t need all that space anymore.  Credit cards, debit cards have taken over for large sums of cash.  Membership card info is now stored on your phone so all those stacks of cards are gone.


So with cases goofy and not catering to a more professional market.  And the wallet still being designed for the needs of 1980, what we have is a “perfect storm”.  Combing your phone case and our wallet is just something that has not really been considered, until now.  


How mopho came about

I developed the MoPho (mobile Phone Wallet) for my wife.  She always carried a purse and still does, everyday.  On those instances where she doesn’t need it;  concerts and shows, festivals, girls night out, or the two of us at a formal function, a purse is a burden.  on these occasions, It turns out, when she put her lipstick in my pocket all she really had in there was her phone credit card license and some cash.   So i went to a leather artist i knew and asked him to design me a case that would handle two cards, ID, cash and a few incidentals (receipts or business cards) and her phone.


I worked for Ralph Lauren straight out of college and loved the crocodile wallets he offered.   So i wanted a nice exotic skin, that complimented her style, designer bags and clothing, but was also casual enough to stick in her back pocket for girls night out or a concert.  He came back with the MoPho.


Where do i get one?

She began carrying it and the response was immediate.  Where can i get one of those?  It’s that idea that doesnt hit you until you see it, like wheels on luggage.  So i began building them for friends and friends of friends.  


Why so expensive?

I mentioned i loved the alligator wallets from Ralph.  What i didn’t like was the cost.  I assumed that his were marked up because of his name, and there is some premium in all alligators with brand names.  (see the comparison below).  But the majority of the cost is in the skins and the artistry.  

1. The leather craftsman is an artist.  There are not a lot that can do this. He makes them one at a time and it takes him over 2 hours per case.  Compare that to a belt that he can make 3 of in the same time.  

2. The skins are expensive when purchased legally.  All of our skins come from the most reputable trading houses in the world.  There are no illegal skins here.  Supply and demand in the legal market has costs higher.

3. the tanning process.  This gives the hide its finish and durability for the long hall.  We get our alligator from the exact same tannery that the large fashion houses get theirs.  


I have an antique alligator cigar case that is 80 years old.  Each of the elements i mention above are the reasons it is still in use.  

Each of these components are necessary to make something of real quality.  So as i mentioned they are expensive, relatively.   I went on the web to see how these cases compared and was caught off guard to learn where the mopho fit in.


Why just Alligator, Stingray and Elephant?

Plenty of people have asked for python and Ostrich, and we can make them, but don’t on purpose.  Those skins are very susceptible to damage from oil. Boots, belts and bags are not handled as much as phones.  The oil from your hands will age Python and Ostrich very quickly.  



Each of these below are solid quality products with a lot longer history of providing wallets and skins.  If it is a wallet you are looking for, or you see something that better suits your needs, please use the links i have provided to purchase.


1. Gucci bi-fold – real alligator – made in Italy by machine – $995.  Free shipping


2.  Trafalgar bi-fold – SOUTH American alligator (not as good as American) hand “crafted” (not made) play on words $425


3.  Trafalgar “exotic Leather collection” same as above except American Alligator $495


4.  Brooks Brothers – American Alligator bi-fold – made in Italy $498


5. Crosby Croc (not as good as alligator) $648


6.  Uncle Ralphy – Hipster wallet – Made in Italy – Crocodile $1,395 – if you want one croc in and out its $1,995


7.  MoPho – Hand made in America with American Alligator, one at a time – combine phone and wallet for a single piece to carry $450  



Expensive, yes.  In its class (wallet) very affordable.  We do not have overhead and we are making a reasonable return on our time, effort, quality and craftsmanship.  We know this is not the phone case/wallet for everyone. But it was nice to learn that without looking first ours is the lowest cost in that market. 


Our market?

Our tag line is “Combining two necessities you carry every day into one that reflects your style.”   That last part is key to what i am offering.  You can get a phone case wallet online in a snap.  If you like the idea but dont care about what it looks like, or wear it is made, the choices will be endless.  But;

1.  If you like nice things, if you dress well or carry fashionable bags, it makes sense to finish out the thing that is in your hand more than anything else, everyday.  

2.  When you recognize you carry a nice wallet, and the case on your phone is more like a condom, and its time to combine them.If you are tired 3.  If you go to your purse for your wallet or your phone almost every time you open it, it makes sense.  

4.  If you are tired of carrying two things when all you need is one.

5.  When you realize you have just been picking the “best of the bad” phone cases from the kiosk in the mall.


Here is the another great value for me, and those that know me are laugihing… If you are ALWAYS forgetting either your wallet OR your phone, but never both, it makes sense.  I used to walk out of my house or office without one of those everyday, but never both.  With them now combined, when i remember one, i remember both.


Your phone is in your hand more than your purse, yet you have a designer purse that you pull a plastic phone case out of?  the phone is on the table, or in your hand while the purse is hanging on the chair or on the floor.


You are wearing a suit and you pull out a rubber phone case? Crocs are rubber  Would you wear crocs with a suit? Make your life easier, combine two things, while reflecting your style.  See why its our tag line?