Other times these silver additions can be buffed and polished and used as a silver plaque to inscribe something that is important to you today.


As different as the two looks are, they represent the exact same thing… an opportunity to think of someone important in your life present or past, regularly.  An opportunity to represent their importance in something you use and showcase every day.  My partner’s wife just lost his father after 84 wonderful years and you can see her case with a coin from 1928 (the year he was born) in the picture section.  Now each time she checks her phone or pulls something from her wallet she is reminded of him and his importance in her life.  Another friends grandfather was born in 1922 and important person in the family immigrating to America.  His name is engraved on an American coin, where a representation of the country his family found success because of his effort.  I enjoyed hearing that story and designing the remembrance.  Each of these examples can be found on this page.


Whatever it is that is you want to represent we are glad to help.  The coins are hand engraved and incredibly finished.  Please review the engraved pictures page.  See if this is something you may want to include on your Mopho.  If so email us with your ideas and we will get back with you to help choose the right additon for your case/wallet. 


Hand engraving Monogram ————— $80