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The high finish is sanded out of this one giving it a softer look and touch.  The sanding makes this look vintage.  Very durable.  Because of the vintage appeal I see this generally as more of a more fashionable man case.

The finish tends to make to more worn in and used.


Shagreen “vintage” finish is now commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays.

The word derives from the French chagrin and is related to Italian zigrino and Venetian sagrin, derived from the Turkish or the prepared skin of this part

Shagreen is like a sanded version of the standard stingray hide and gives it a smoother,finish.  IT removes some of the color, but in a subtle way, giving it more of a vintage finish.


 The “Vintage” finish can be made with or without the eye.  Specify which. If you want the eye specify front or back.


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