Silver Accoutrements

The coins below are laid on top of these cases to show you coin options and size. When ordered for the case they are actually inlayed into the leather and will be flush with the case.

Silver Accoutrements Silver Accoutrements Silver Accoutrements Silver Accoutrements Silver

Silver Dollar $70

Peace Dollar (1921–1935; 1964)

Morgan Dollar (1878–1904; 1921)


Silver Half Dollar $55

Barber 1892-1915

Walking Liberty 1916-1947

Franklin 1948-1963

Silver Qtr $45, Silver Dime $30

Standing Liberty Quarter 1916-1930

Washington Quarter 1932-1964 

Mercury Dime 1916-1945 

Ounce Bar of Silver $45

Standard one ounce bar – this is always done with monogramming. 

View of different size of coins


Silver is my favorite metal.  I like holding it and looking at it.  I think it ages better than anything. Paired with fine leather there is a feel of worldly experiences and knowledge of fine things.  I learned these appreciations while working for Ralph.  The mopho cases are unique and the addition of silver makes them personal… one of a kind.



The opportunity to work with original American silver coins is fantastic.  The options are amazing.  Numismatists throughout the world agree that this period in American coinage produced some of the world’s most beautiful coins (1916-1947).  The Walking Liberty half dollar minted from 1916 to 1947 depicts Liberty striding towards the Sun.  Although very beautiful,  it proved difficult to perfect and it never “struck” very well, which may have been a factor in its replacement by the Franklin half dollar beginning in 1948.  The Franklin is a very simple coin.  The Mercury dime 1916-1945,is actually a depiction of a young Liberty, identifiable by her winged Phrygian cap.  Because of the size of the coin the head dress was confused with the Roman god Mercury and the name stuck.  The Peace dollar (1921-1935) is an amazing coin with its head of thorns and incredible weight (3/4’s of an ounce of silver.)


Each of these provides different sizes to adorn your wallet with and make unique to you.


For use in the Mopho the coin can be left alone and deliver the craftsmanship of an amazing time in America.  I show the heads up side because it always bears the date of mint.  These coins just as they are are beautiful and with the date on them they can represent someone or something from a few generations ago; a parent or grandparents birth year,  The year your parents or grandparents were married, your family came to America, something uniquely important to you.